Does CBD Oil Work For Spine Pain Relief?

The Challenge of Pain Management

As anyone who has experienced back problems like sciatica, slipped disc, or spinal stenosis can tell you, persistent pain is far and away the most difficult symptom. And a great deal of spine patients suffer chronically; according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, “[m]ore than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain.” [1] A big aspect of treatment and care for this population entails minimizing and managing it.

Lately, as an increasing number of states have allowed medical use of marijuana, there’s been increasing interest in assessing this substance as means to take on back pain. Research is growing—especially as this substance increasingly enters the mainstream market—but federal prohibition has certainly slowed progress.

Still, there is a body of work that indeed points to the potential for marijuana as a means to help with back pain. [2] Let’s take a closer look at how this works and the evidence for it.

Therapeutic Compounds

The marijuana plant contains a number of different compounds, each with different effects on the body and mind. The compounds associated with the “high” experienced from the drug are in the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) family, but it’s another compound, cannabidiol (CBD) that’s been most prominently linked with therapeutic effects. [2]

CBD is not psychoactive, so when it’s isolated from the other compounds, you don’t get the psychological effects and intoxication associated with marijuana use. This makes it much less controversial. Not only are strains marijuana being cultivated that contain virtually no THC, but extracts of just CBD, usually in the form of oil, are available in states where medical marijuana is offered.

CBD & The Body

What is it about CBD that makes it potentially effective in taking on spine pain? This compound stimulates a part of the brain called the cannabinoid system. This stimulation helps reduce the intensity of pain and aids in the reduction of inflammation in the body. It also provides an alternate path for pain management. Where typical pain killing drugs tend to be opioids are effective but both habit-forming and associated with numerous side-effects, with CBD, researchers are finding reduced central nervous effects. [3]

It’s promising, then, that this compound has been observed to help mitigate acute and chronic pain problems. Here’s a quick breakdown of a some of the findings in the literature:

  • Chronic & Acute Pain Management: A review of the literature published in the journal, Current Neuropharmocology, outlined the pathways by which the cannabinoid system aids in chronic and acute pain management. It noted that results are promising, and the use of CBD or cannabis-based treatments may offer pain relief and “suggest new therapeutic approaches to avoid central nervous system side effects.” [3] The researches also noted its anti-inflammatory action as beneficial.

  • Significant Effects: In a more recent review of the existing literature, Dr. Kevin P. Hill and his team assessed the state of research surrounding CBD and cannabis. They hold that, though more research is needed, there is a distinct pain managing effect with this approach. In addition, as with the above study, much of the promise with this approach resides in its ability to reduce potentially harmful opioids to minimize pain conditions. [4]

  • Degenerative Disc Disease: A recent study of mice with degenerative disc disease found outcomes much improved with high doses of CBD. Though the exact pathway is not yet known, researchers found reduced damage to spine areas in their experimental population. [5]

Certainly, as CBD and the other compounds are researched more, and as applications for pain management further tested, a consensus about healthy use, advantages, and disadvantages will emerge. Still, it does seem that evidence is mounting in favor this potential use.

Being Careful About Care

A challenge for proponents of cannabis and CBD use for spine pain will be to figure out how best to regulate dosages and ensure best possible outcomes. This substance does not currently have FDA approval (because of its prohibited status), so care should be taken. Before trying something like this, make sure to talk to your doctor or specialist. It’s also a good idea to check into your state’s laws surrounding CBD oil or extracts; these may not be available or legal everywhere.

There’s more work to be done, but in the states that have medical marijuana programs, an increasing number of patients swear by CBD. Though anecdotal in nature, their personal experiences seem largely positive. For instance, one back pain patient who had come to not like the side-effects of other drugs writes: “I found that all I needed to take was the CBD oil to feel fit and healthy and I have recently returned to my job feeling better than ever.” [5]

In the end, we need to learn more about CBD for back pain, but surely, as research continues along these lines, this could become another tool for taking on spine issues.

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