Disposable vape pens


The ABV disposable 300mg vape pen is equipped with a metal body, a quartz glass oil chamber, a glass mouthpiece, a ceramic atomizer, and a 320mAh battery. Consumers should expect an easy draw and large plumes of vapor from the  advanced disposable vape.

The oil recipe is a mixture of CO2-extracted cannabis oil and natural, strain-specific terpenes. Natural, strain-specific terpenes are added at a specific ratio to maintain consistency and increase flavor and effects.

Choose from three different options:

SATIVA - a truly uplifting, energetic, and inspiring experience. Get out and be active with this Durban Poison terpene extraction featuring terpenes myrcene and limonene.

HYBRID - a perfect balance of energy and relaxation, giving you a happy, enlightening feeling, while also mellowing you out. It will help crush your stress under the weight of its heavy–but not overwhelming–long-lived euphoria. Enhanced with OG Kush-derived terpenes like myrcene, linalool, pinene, and caryophyllene for the distinct scents of pine, wood, and lemon.

INDICA - a pleasant, calming, cozy, euphoric experience. Kick back and relax with terpenes derives from the Northern Lights cannabis strain. Myrcene to help relax your muscles, Beta Caryophyllene for spicy flavor, and Humulene for that woodsy vibe. 

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