• Sleek & Discreet
  • Matte Satin Finish
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Multiple Advanced Atomizers
  • SnapTech Magnetic Technology


Why should you buy this: The Aurora kit gives you everything you need to get started

The best for beginners

Dr. Dabber Aurora

The Aurora Kit gives those new to concentrates a solid platform to

Who’s it for: Newbies to concentrates

How much will it cost: $100

How much is the replacement catridge: 15$

Why we picked the Dr. Dabber Aurora:

Dabbing can be a little intimidating for even the seasoned cannabis user: it really is a totally different world. For those looking for a solid place to start, the Aurora is as simple as it gets. Instead of threaded pieces that screw together, everything on this rig is magnetic. You can literally switch between coils within seconds. The mouthpiece (it comes with two: a traditional rounded one and a fluted version) isn’t magnetic, but is nonetheless easily removable and interchangeable.

One of our biggest gripes with the Kandypens Elite is the fact that you need to unscrew the battery then attach it to a USB dongle whenever you want to recharge. The Aurora Kit comes with an desk magnetic charger that you only need to lay the device in. That’s way more convenient.

You also get three different atomizers versus the Elite’s two, all with quartz dishes:  one with dual quartz rods, another with dual ceramic rods, and finally a ceramic halo heater.  While we generally found the hits to be noticeably less smooth than the Elite, the ease of use and coil options are great. You’ll also get a dab tool and a silicone concentrate container too, which is always useful.



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