India Charas Black Hash

Strain: Charas (India)

Cultivation: Many strains of cannabis is cultivated nearly everywhere around India. This makes India Charas Black Hash abundant in the regions.

Production: In India the hash is produced by carefully rubbing the female buds between the hands. The resin is rolled in Hash-Balls. Just before a shipment the hash is pressed in the usual slabs.

Color: The hashish has a black color on the outside. Open up the hashish to reveal a dark greenish/brown inside.

Smell: The distinctive aroma is spicy to very spicy. Even when you vaporize the dry herb you’ll get that taste consistently throughout.

Taste: You’ll find it very spicy. It’ll be somewhat harsh on the throat but definitively less so than Afghani hashish.

Consistency: The India Charas Black Hash texture is always very soft. It can be kneaded easily like Afghani. Sometimes quite powdery though always dense.

Effect: Very stony and physical high. Cerebral.

Potency: Potent to very potent. Like Nepali, Charas Black Hash is almost always good smoke. (10-26% THC)

India Charas Black Hash


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