What Is A Pure CBD Isolate?


CBD isolate is a relatively new product in the hemp market, and it’s taking it by storm. It has increasingly become popular with retail consumers, wholesalers, and formulators alike. Many people are now using CBD isolate to help in the treatment of various conditions such as lack of appetite, pain, PTSD, as well as other conditions.

There are several CBD products available, and it’s critical to know the different terms used and what they mean so that you can choose the right product for your needs. In this article, we’ll reveal the process behind the CBD isolate, and the benefits of using CBD isolate.


What is CBD Isolate?


CBD isolate (CBD Crystals) is the most potent CBD products available in the market, at 99% purity. In its pure crystalline form, it appears as a fine white powder that only contains the CBD chemical compound. The CBD isolate is however not lab-made or synthetic. Rather, it’s an all-natural product, which is extracted from the hemp plant, and it’s refined down into an incredibly pure product.


Technically, a CBD Isolate product is never 100% pure, but 99% + pure CBD isolate is available for various purposes and intents. This is the purest form that can be purchased. It can be added to both foods and beverages, used as a bowl topper, dabbed, or even blended into ointments, lotions, and other products.


How CBD Isolate is Made?

CBD crystals are derived from the marijuana plant via numerous processes which allow the CBD to be extracted and isolated. This process typically starts with an organically grown cannabis plant. Keep in mind that this is not the type of marijuana that gets you high. Commercial grade industrial hemp is the raw material for CBD isolate, and are grown to yield the maximum biomass. The hemp used for the process is entirely different from the cannabis used to get high, although it’s technically the same plant. Overall, hemp has virtually zero viable THC but is an excellent source of CBD.

Making the CBD isolate is usually a multi-step process. The first step involves a CO2 extraction process is used to extract resins and oils from the cannabis. This process is regarded safe by the FDA, and it produces a botanical concentrate that contains fatty acids, cannabinoids, and other plant materials that are typically found in a hemp plant naturally.

The next step involves purification and winterization, where the CBD hemp oil is purified using proprietary processes to filter out the excess plant materials and get rid of the excess waxes. To help separate the lipids out, a winterization process is used, and after the remaining extraneous plant matter is removed, the remainder is a 99% pure CBD isolate. The final product has all of the plant’s material, chlorophyll, waxes, and more removed, which leaves behind a very pure CBD substance that can be ingested as is, or consumed in one of the several ways discussed below.

To make sure that the CBD isolate is pure and reliable, it is taken through the various lab testing process to examine it carefully. These tests give an accurate concentration of the cannabinoids in the final product and check for the presence of toxins, mildew, heavy metals, fungus, mold, and any residual solvents from the production process, to ensure that the end user is safe from any contaminants.

Proprietary Hemp Isolate 99.9%

  • Without any measurable levels of dense plant material or THC, the crystalline CBD Isolate is perfect form formulation. The powder essentially has no taste or smell, and it can be integrated into a variety of products. Nonetheless, make sure that you accurately calculate the potency of each serving when creating your own CBD infused oils. Keep in mind that the 99% purity means that each milligram of the isolate is a milligram of active CBD.


    Take Sublingually

    Like most of the other hemp oil products, CBD Isolate can be taken orally, and even be held under the tongue for those who prefer the expedited sublingual intake. When you place it under the tongue and keep it for about 60 to 90 seconds, the CBD will enter into the bloodstream significantly faster compared to swallowing, and avoid the first-pass metabolism or the effects of the liver. Moreover, it’s easier and more straightforward to take your CBD isolate servings sublingually.


    Creating your Own CBD Infused Oils
    Many users find that the idea of crafting their edibles at home quite fun and appealing. While many CBD oils and liquids products can be incorporated in beverages and food, none of them can match how the CBD Isolate is uniquely suited for edibles. Since it has no odor or taste and is readily soluble in various oils including avocado, palm, and coconut, CBD Isolate can be used to fine tune CBD infused liquids.

    Once created, you can use the infused oils to create CBD edibles such as cookies, brownies, and other recipes that use oils. You can also add it to smoothies or coffee, fold it into ice cream, or topically applied as a soothing massage oil. Since the boiling point of CBD is 320 to 356 degree Fahrenheit (160-180 degrees Celsius), it’s possible to lose some of the CBD potency once these temperatures are reached. For this reason, aim for lower cooking temperatures when cooking with CBD to prevent the degeneration of the CBD.


    Vaporize your CBD Isolate
    With a vaporization point of around 180 to 200 degrees Celsius, you have a variety of options when it comes to turning your CBD Isolate into the inhalable vapor. Consuming it in a vape pen or a special water bubbler is a great choice, allowing you to “dab” or inhale the pure CBD vapor. The CBD Isolate can also be added into various vape concentrates, which ideally boosts the levels of CBD. When it’s vaporized, the CBD will enter your bloodstream more efficiently, and it will avoid passing through the liver and the digestive tract which metabolizes it.

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